Today’s coordinate 11-2

Mori girl style!
I love this sweater!
Many alpacas are knitted!


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Greeting card

I bought these greeting cards at Rosebowl this summer.

Very nice!!
Today I noticed that these Christmas cards are 1910s or 20s!!
I live vintage recently.

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I’ll introduce my favorite singer.
It’s Superfly!!

Her voice is powerful!! I love her voice.

Her name is Shiho. My name is Shiho, too.

And her height is 152cm. My height is same!!
I have a close affinity with her!

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Today’s coordinate 10-20

This is today’s fashion!

I love this pastel tone!!

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Today’s coordinate 10-17

I’ll show you my today’s coordinate.

I love this balloon skirt!!

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Today’s coordinate 10-15

This is today’s coordinate!

This is Morigirl style.
My favorite point is shoulder.
I live these race!!

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The aquarium

I went to the aquarium at Osaka with my friends.

Jelly fishes are very beautiful!

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Homestay at LA

I stayed with a family for 12 days.
It was wonderful days!!
I’ll show you the pictures.

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Today’s coordinate 8-29

This is today’s coordinate!

This is my favorite flower dress!

Japan is still hot and humid.
Today was 36 degrees!!!
Very hot!!

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Today’s coordinate 8-22

This is today’s coordinate!

I love these embroideries!!

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