I made it!!

I made it!!

It’s bracelet.
At first, I will sell it on Etsy.
But I like it too much, I can’t sell it.
So I’ll make another one and I’ll sell it.


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Travel to Okayama last day

The last day, we went sightseeing to Kurashiki.
It is old city.

We went to Ohara museum.
Also it has water lily of Mone
And also it has the pond which was made imaged water lily of Mone.

We ate shrimp rice.
It is famous in Okayama.

The three days are very very great!!

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Travel to Okayama second day

The second day, we went to Naoshima.
Naoshima is artistic island.

We vent to Chichuu museum.
Chichuu means under ground in Japanese.
Surely there was it under ground!!
We enjoyed modern art.

My most favorite was water lily of Mone.
It was great!!

This is the pond which was made imaged water lily of Mone.

And we went to the public bathhouse at the island.
The name is ” I love(heart) 湯”
“湯” read “yu” in Japanese.
So “I live 湯” read “I love you”.
Very nice!! 🙂

This is it!!
Very nice exterior!!
Also interior design was very nice!!
I am sorry I couldn’t take picture inside.

And we went to the fashionable coffeehouse.

And we went to Kurashiki.

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Travel to Okayama first day

I went to Okayama with my friend.
We went there by ‘youth 18 ticket’.
This ticket enable us stopover.
So we did stopover at Akashi.
Because the sights from the train was very nice!!

And we went up to Akashi tower.

There was Japanese standard time lime!!

Akashi is famous for octopus.
There are many octopuses at the shopping street.

And then, we found ferry.
It goes Awaji-shima.
So we rode it.

Very nice sights right?
But the Awaji-shima is very very country.
We didn’t have a car, so we couldn’t wherever.
So we returned Akashi.

And then we went to Okayama.
And we stayed the hotel.

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Nara, Tokae

I went to Tokae with my friend.
Tokae is light up event in Nara.

It was very nice!!
We could feel unusual Nara.

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Handmade blog

I want to try handmade.
But I don’t have good idea what to make.

So I searched the handmade blog!!
The writer makes many kawaii items!!

I’ll try like this!!

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1300th anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital

Yesterday I went to Heijyo-kyo to do volunteer activity!
Now Nara grew livelier by this.
So I joined it!!

It was very hot, but other participant was very powerful!!
I was encouraged!!

This is Suzaku-mon.

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Yesterday I went to Tsutenkaku with my friends.

Tsutenkaku is famous for Billiken.
This is Billiken.

This is happiness god.
If you pat his sole of the foot, fulfill your wish!
Of course we pated his sole of the foot.

This is view from top of the Tsutenkaku.

There are many many buildings!!
This is Osaka!!

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Today’s dinner

This is today’s dinner.

It’s thin wheat noodles!
It’s cold.
So it refreshed me.
The noodle is standard menu for Japanese in summer!!

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This summer vacation

This summer vacation, I’ll two travel!!
The one is to Okayama.
We’ll go to there by train with my friend.
This is Okayama scene.

Another is to Santa Monica!!
This is staying with a family.
Two years ago, I went there.

I’m exciting!!

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